AXYZ International, Telford 54

“Thank you once again for your help (the system seems great!)”

Mark Sweeney,
Managing Director
  • AXYZ

Project Overview

AXYZ International had outgrown their existing premises, in terms of volume and size of machines being supplied, resulting in the need to re-locate to a new, larger and strategically located site. The new premises will provide double the production space of our existing factory and administration centre, enabling them to offer an enlarged demonstration area to house our continually expanding range of machines.

Project Budget 


Project Details

Temperature Control Limited provided the heat loss and gain calculations in order to design and build heating and cooling systems to the new office development and gas heating to the Warehouse and Demonstration area.


Project Description

A number of Mitsubishi Electric Air Source Heat Pumps were used to the office accommodation. AmbiRad Gas fired heating and de stratification fans were used for the Warehouse and Demonstration areas.