Data Centre – Great Yarmouth

Data Centre, Gt Yarmouth

“Another sucessfully completed project from Temperature Control Ltd who were appointed as our cooling solutions partners to provide a design and build solution to The Data Room in Gt Yarmouth.They really do what they say on the tin,‘Temperature Control, Enviromental Engineers’.”

Brian Birchall
Project Manager, Data Centre Manager

Project Overview

The New Data Centre was formed within an existing storage area. High density blade server technology meant that the indoor cooling solution had to be rackmounted and the APC InRow was selected. Proven experience with this product has shown the systems ability to deliver up to 18kW cooling from each InRow cooling unit. Energy saving was paramount and Airedale free cool chillers proved at commissioning heat load test that with an 11ºC ambient and a room load of 241kW the power usage recorded was just 45kW proving energy efficiencies and payback were achievable, in line with the initial design calculations.

Project Budget



Project Details

New Data Centre, Gt. Yarmouth


Project Description

Installation and commissioning of 3 No 85kW Airedale Free Cool Chillers to serve the APC InRow Rack Cooling Solution, with Airedale Down Flow units securing the UPS room, specialist underfloor leak detection and fault alarm panel interface system. Pipework method used was Georg Fischer COOL-FIT pre-insulated ABS.