Great Sankey Primary School

Great Sankey Primary School, Liverpool Road, Warrington

“As part of the diverse mechanical services strategy we worked closely with our consulting engineer and Temperature Control to achieve the best solution for our client. We have worked with Temperature Control for many years and had no hesitation in specifying them as our renewable partner on this project.”

  • Great Sankey Primary School

Project Overview

In early July 2012 Seddon’s mechanical services dept approached TCL with a specification to apply, supply and commission two air source heat pumps for current Part L compliance and Sbem calculation (simplified building energy model). To comply with this requirement we offered two Mitsubishi CAHV-P500YA-HPB air source heat pumps as they offered close inverter control and enhanced energy saving features.

The two air source heat pumps are enabled by the buildings bms system and operate under their own cascade temperature control allowing rotation of units with weather compensation to provide maximum efficiency and close control down to -5c ambient in 0.5kw steps down to a minimum of 18kw each and preventing on/off cycling of the systems. With these features and the project’s design parameter’s based on BS EN14825 calculation methodology a SCOP (seasonal COP) 3.33 could be achieved.

Project Budget


Project Details

Great Sankey Primary School is a low energy school built by Seddon Construction . The building features low energy, sustainable technology and has been designed to achieve a very good rating on the BREEAM scale for assessing the sustainable performance of new developments.

Main Contractor

Seddon Construction

M & E Consultant


Mechanical Contractor

Seddon Construction Mechanical Services

Project Description

The project involved the selection, supply and commissioning of two MCS (Microgeneration Certification Scheme) listed Mitsubishi CAHV-P500YA-HPB air source heat pumps each to provide 43kw duty with water at 45c to the low loss header serving the schools heating system (predominantly under floor).

Client Information

Seddon Construction is part of the national Seddon Group, a family owned company specialising in construction, maintenance and house building.