Howdens, Northants

“Through use of low carbon technologies, Temperature Control has helped Howdens reduce their energy use by up to 72%, replacing inefficient heating systems throughout their premises.”

  • Howdens

Project Overview

Existing hot water pipework was modified to accommodate new hot water to sinks, along with new flow and return pipework to house new radiators. ASHP was selected using Daikin’s low temperature model to ensure best possible energy and carbon reduction over their existing system.

With coefficient of performance (COP) of 3 and above, the option to replace the over door curtain with an ASHP was made on the potential savings offered and the short payback periods. Replacement was carried out with minimal disruption and Howdens enjoyed instant savings on energy use.

Project Budget


Project Details

To reduce energy use and carbon emissions, air source heat pump units were used to replace heating and domestic hot water to WC, kitchen areas and large office accommodation.

Date of Project

Project Description

Daikin Altherma air source heat pump system (ASHP) was installed to replace inefficient existing electric water and panel heaters to provide heating and hot water to the office space.

One year on and the results have proven a success, the client is looking at further ways to reduce carbon and has replaced the electric door curtain for Daikin ASHP, combined with a Biddle door curtain, with energy saving in the region of 72% payback less than 1.5 years.