Imperial War Museum Duxford

Building 9, Duxfield Airfield, Duxford, Cambridge CB22 4QR

The film archive holds information from over 6 decades and is sensitive to temperature and humidity. When the cooling system operating on R22 refrigerant became redundant the museum needed a solution that was easy to install, be within budgets and reduce the downtime of the equipment. Temperature control offered a R22 replacement that utilised the existing services, whilst offering a robust system.

  • Imperial War Museum Duxford

Project Overview

Building 9 is an old barracks building within the Imperial War Museum Duxford complex and is currently used to store film dating back to the World War II era. Room conditions are held between 8°c and 10°c and 30%–50% relative humidity however climate stability is key to the prolonged life of these artefacts and as such we needed to be careful to select the correct equipment for the job. We have replaced the 45kW of cooling with 3 circuits each connected to a new Airedale CU7.5 condensing unit which in turn connects to a new cooling coil situated within supply ductwork which distributes conditioned air throughout the space.

Project Budget 


Project Details

Building 9 R22 Replacement cooling.



Project Description

To replace the old R22 open shaft refrigeration system which controls room conditions for film storage.