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“Temperature Controls have undertaken several projects for Laing O’Rourke (CHt) at the University Hospital of North Staffordshire NHS Trust over a seven year period. Their hands-on management style came especially to the fore whilst working within a live hospital environment where clear, frequent communication was essential. Works undertaken have always been completed safely, collaboratively, on time and within budget. I would not hesitate in using Temperature Controls again in the future.”

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Project Overview

Maternity and Oncology

2007 – 2009

New build project working for Laing O’Rourke

Project consisted of Various VRV Daikin systems to specialist rooms and Close control systems to the on site Comms room.

Project Value


Hub and Wards

2009 – 2013

New build project working for Laing O’Rourke

Project consisted of Various VRV Daikin systems to HUB rooms and specialist room.

Project Value


Post contract working for Laing O’Rourke – within a live hospital environment

Project consisted of Various VRV Daikin systems to Cardiac Care Unit, Adult Assessment and PAEDS Day case and Oncology units.


Project Details

Identifying and understanding Hot spot areas

With hot spot areas identified, thermal models were carried out to establish temperatures and durations to HM03 specification, areas that exceeded HTM03 had to investigate options to mitigate be it additional openings windows, increased ventilation or cooling systems and the impacts this may have on the environment to meet HTM03 and infection control. The conclusion was that Increased window openings or any adjustments to the ventilation would unlikely satisfy either therefore it was decided that Cooling was the most cost efficient and guaranteed method to overcome the problem for these areas.


TCL carried out a carefully planned design using the Thermal modelling for each of the areas which gave consideration to not just access to install services and best location for VRV fan coils for optimum distribution with minimal impacts on drafts but also to the safe logistics of working within the live hospital environment, giving consideration of the Wards day to day function (after various meetings with the various Department Matron and NHS Authorised persons) which allowed us to openly discuss and understand both their operations and for them to understand ours whilst we gave the utmost consideration for the patients, infection control and minimal loss of beds. For eg Adult Assessment can have approx. 236 patients per day and 158 per evening on a standard week day, weekends more so, therefore, minimising the impact on their works while being practical on time restraints and cost on our works meant good dialog, communications where essential for all concerned.

Works where carried out and pre planned to the Wards understood which Beds would be out of action each day ( no more than 3 beds were removed from action and no works or screened tented areas were left over weekends), our works were carried out within a tented area sealed and prior to each dismantle and re-erecting of the tents the areas were vacuumed and cleaned by pre planned Soft FM.

Laing’s provided the power and necessary alterations to fire detectors and again this was executed to ensure that there was minimal disruption to the Wards and only when planned.

Project Value