The Embassy Village Manchester

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We are proud to announce our involvement and support for the new Embassy Village Project in Manchester. What will be a first in Europe, a purpose-built community to help tackle homelessness and deprivation by providing homeless people with their own front door in a purpose-built village?

Did you know that the waiting lists for council flats are 10 to 15 years, leaving many in temporary accommodation without any hope for the future. Many of those who found shelter, find themselves back on the streets due to this and without change, this will never get better.

This is what is unique about the Embassy Village as the aim is to provide help providing a safe space to accelerate the passage from the streets to their own home. It starts with having an address, which opens up so many opportunities for independent living. The community will provide support to assist those coming through the village, from managing budgets, looking after their own home, preparing meals and finding employment. This formula is a proven success, with over 175 people supported so far in the existing homes, with 92% moving on to having their own home, employment and a new life. This approach also takes a fraction of the time to help, with an average of 14 months of assistance. When compared to up to 15 years of waiting under other schemes, it shows the unbelievable success of the Embassy Village.

What is now a derelict area on the banks of the Bridgewater Canal, will be transformed into the new village and help regenerate not only the local area, but those who will pass through this.

How are we helping

In partnership with Daikin we will be providing low energy heating using heat pump technology to provide a comfortable space for the occupants. As a Manchester based specialist contractor, this is close not just to the office, but to our hearts as we see day to day, the increase in homelessness in Manchester and other major cities.  Daikin have kindly donated the equipment for the scheme and we are supporting this by installing the equipment pro bono and providing long term service and maintenance. As the village is only a walk away from our head office, we see ourselves helping out for years to come, supporting our new neighbour.

The use of energy efficient heating, from the heat pumps, not only helps reduce the running costs, but with Daikin’s warranty we can help maintain the equipment without any added costs to the village. But our support is wider than this and with Daikin we are collaborating with colleges and other organisations across Greater Manchester to develop a training programme with the aim of providing the residents with jobs in the HVAC industry which also contribute to the decarbonising Greater Manchester.

To learn more about the project and the amazing work done by Sid, Tess and the team at The Embassy see the link

If you can help or donate, please do. This we hope will become the benchmark for others and help with the homelessness crisis we see.