Quick Turn Around Required at North Manchester General Hospital

Community, Large VRF Project, Mitsubishi Electric

The temporary office building will enable us to house hospital administrative staff whilst we activate our longer-term redevelopment plans. This will help us to manage any disruption to services through the redevelopment of the wider hospital site and meaningfully transform the site for the benefit of our local communities.

The temporary office building is ‘modular’ or ‘prefabricated’ off-site. This means that the installation process can happen relatively quickly and with minimum disruption. The temporary office building is planned at four storeys in height and scheduled to be in place by August 2021 for five years.

Our part to play on this project is to install 4 floors of Mitsubishi VRF, DX for a Comms Room per floor, and 32 Lossnay units.  All within a 12-week window.

Good to see we are making decent progress in the first week.