Committed Carbon Reduction Partner

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We are proud to announce that we have achieved the new Mitsubishi Electric Committed Carbon Reduction Partner status, the first for a commercial air conditioning contractor. Working closely with Mitsubishi’s Marketing Team and using the support from the RDF funding, the process was relatively simple. With support from a specialist, Climate Partner, our carbon output was assessed and measured to identify where we can make simple and quick improvements and where we can make long-term plans for full carbon neutrality. It was fundamental that we measured our carbon first, so we could then control and finally reduce it.

Identifying Carbon Emissions

We identified that our vehicle fleet was the main contributor to our carbon and have committed to replacing our fleet with electric vehicles by 2030. Unfortunately, we are still experiencing issues with the charging infrastructure with our small EV fleet, but hope that this will improve over the next 2 to 3 years allowing us to plan changes now, ready for the future.

What was promising was the changes we made previously to our heating and hot water production, which showed a minimal carbon impact. Using a combination of Mitsubishi Electric heat pumps, heat recovery VRF, and solar PV, our heating and cooling had little impact overall. The final stages allowed us to offset our carbon output, by supporting a sustainable and certified initiative. We supported the expansion of renewable energy generation in Asia, supporting projects in India, China, Indonesia, and Turkey. A certified development that promotes clean and affordable energy, work, and jobs to the local community and climate action in areas of need. Further details as below using the QR code.

Improving The Way We Work

This is a great scheme by Mitsubishi Electric as it also looks at how you work and develop for the future. We committed to continued learning through the Supply Chain Sustainability School as well as complying with the standards set by the Real Living Wage for all employees. Our supply chain and environmental impact were checked, and also our key policies to ensure operating to the best levels.

We believe that we have the opportunity to make a significant change to the environment using the technologies available and by partnering with Mitsubishi Electric and supporting the new Committed Carbon Reduction Partner Scheme, we are starting to make a difference.

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