Improving Building Efficiency and Productivity

Energy Use, Legislation, New Projects, Sustainability

We are pleased to be investing in new building software to help our clients get the best energy efficiency from their building services and productivity. The intention was to find a suitable package that not only offered heating and cooling loads, but also energy simulations and productivity ratings.

When 90% of all building costs are spent on the occupants,  a small improvement in productivity, could increase profits significantly. We can make these changes through improvements to the working environment and now, with our new modelling software, offer alternatives at design stage and see which is best suited.

Heat Loss Model

Although energy costs are an important aspect for any business, we provide building services to improve productivity for businesses and provide an improved environment to work in. This is where VABI Elements provides a great tool for comparing systems, both in energy performance and operation productivity.

Room Comfort Charts
Productivity Score


VABI Elements is the leading software in Holland and across Europe and using current CIBSE weather data files we are able to provide accurate building modelling in reduced time to find the best

solutions for our clients.

We will be testing this software over the next few months and once we are satisfied with the results, we will be in a position to offer building audits, and advise through improvements to building services, how best to maximise productivity.