Dale Carnegie Training

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We are pleased to have partnered with Dale Carnegie for our ongoing self improvement and recently completed a 3 month development programme for a project team.

Congratulations go to Ben Flynn who was awarded with the golden book trophy for his application and dedication throughout the course. The award was voted by all who attended and with a large majority of votes, Ben received his prize.

Dale Carnegie has worked closely with us to help develop our culture for over 20 years, providing a platform for our team to develop and succeed. It combines a modern outlook with traditional values, the core values that has been adopted by Temperature Control for many years.


We not only share a common culture, we also share a key date in 1926, when Dale Carnegie published his first book ‘Public Speaking: a Practical Course for Business Men’, the same year E O Walker Ltd, our original company was incorporated.

The key foundations of the course have been taught to leading figures in history, including many Presidents and one Warren Buffet, who proudly boasts of his Dale Carnegie certificate. If we can be just a fraction a success as Warren, we will go a long way.