R32 Seminar


We were delighted to be invited back to support Mitsubishi Electric in their series of seminars on R32 equipment for their corporate clients. Located at Hotel Football in Manchester, the whole event was a great success and a great opportunity to discuss future issues with many key clients and consultants.

The aim of the seminars was to give a rounded view on the future changes to air conditioning with a focus on the changes with R32 refrigerant.

The key topics were on the impact of the new F gas regulations and how Mitsubishi Electric are introducing new technologies to support this.

Professor Keith Shine, Department of Meteorology, University of Reading gave a very interesting presentation on the impact of climate change and how the uncontrolled use of refrigerants will have an impact on this.

We supported this by sharing our thoughts on how we approach the changes with R32 through, design & application, installation and maintenance and help dispel some of the myths relating to the use of R32 refrigerants.

R32 Presentation Temperature Control